Riverdale #2

Here are a couple items of the latest house I did some work in, first is a huge seamless kitchen island 12’ long by 3’ wide, by far the biggest island i’ve done.  Second pic is some stair treads I poured and glued onto a huge steel stringer, an industrial/modern look. 

Dion Table

A new table for a couple of newlyweds, white concrete with stained oak inserts and base.

Shangri La

The new coffee table for Shangri La’s showroom.  It’s white concrete with a stained oak insert with fake bonsai tree inserted into it to give it a little feng shui feel.  You can check it out at Shangri La 17034 - 90 Ave.

Concrete Latte Maker

I didn’t make this but I had to blog it cause it’s amazing, I think it was made for a university project.

29 Armstrong

The latest pieces that I made:  The first is a coffee table with a shallow bowl insert and the second is an antique frame with mirror, both are natural color concrete.  You can view these pieces at a store named 29 Armstrong located just north of Jasper Ave on 104 Street.

Fire Pit

The newest creation to come out of the shop, it is a 3’ x 3’ x 15” high fire pit with slits on opposite corners.  A very modern and clean look designed by Slab City Studios with the help of Mike, Jenn, Journey and Knox.  Installing the slits was a harder process than I thought and it was a battle pouring this piece but in the end the client was very happy with how it turned out.  I really hope it doesn’t crack from the heat, I guess we’ll find out what happens soon.  Hopefully I can get some cool night/fire shots of this thing in the next couple of weeks.


Slab City Studios likes to design stuff made out of concrete and keep people informed of interesting projects and whatever else is going on in the shop.



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