Fireplace Mantles

These are two fireplaces completed awhile back, I was comissioned to build the concrete mantles to match the surrouding cultured stone and tile.

Dining Table

This is a custom dining room table for a high rise condo, the 4 holes on the left are integral candle holders.

Natural Coffee Table

This is a 48” x 48” x 16” private commission natural coloured coffee table with a 24” x 24” x 2” drop down middle.

White Cable Desk

A white concrete desk cantilevered off the wall by cable, a classy look against the black antique wallpaper

Cracked Coffee Table

Here is a new coffee table I just did up, it’s a concrete square box with a crack that runs through the entire table to make it two complete pieces, a white concrete ledge insert is placed in the middle of the table to place decorative type things in the crack if one so wished to do so.

Riverdale Photos

Some pics of the riverdale house complete.

Brushed Aluminum Bases

2” white concrete dining table with matching coffee table.  Bases are 2” aluminum tubing, brushed with a clear coat finish. 

Water Feature

These are a couple pics of a water feature I made 2 years ago, it’s white concrete with integral lights, stainless steel tray and a pump built in, just turned it on for the first time this spring now that the snow is gone.

Cable Entry-Way Table

An entry-way table for throwing your miscellaneous junk on when you get home from work, supported on the ends by cable anchored into the wall.  This piece will be going into the 29 Armstrong showroom soon, go check it out there!

Custom Sink

Custom sink with cantilevered back edge and slot drain


Slab City Studios likes to design stuff made out of concrete and keep people informed of interesting projects and whatever else is going on in the shop.



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